Hotel curtains and shades in guest room available in Toronto
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CHM Inc are textile wholesalers supplying Toronto, Ontario. We serve Canada and the USA, milling all our own hospitality fabrics and roller shade vinyls to your project specifications.

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CHM Inc provide premium quality hotel curtain & drapery services in Toronto, Ontario

CHM Inc provide on-budget hotel curtains, tracks, workroom and installation service, shade vinyl & textile milling. We are Toronto hotel curtain suppliers with a reputation for delivering high quality products and services to our clients.

Hotel curtains and shades in guest room available in Toronto

Thinking about a renovation and looking to refresh your hotel drapery?

If you are looking to renovate your hotel or just refresh your guest rooms with new window coverings, CHM Inc provide cost-effective solutions to get your project done efficiently, no matter how many windows you need covered. Call today for a quote on your project.


Whether you are needing solutions for a boutique hotel or luxury resort, we have the experience and track record delivering hotel curtains and drapery on time.

CHM Inc supply textiles, hotel drapery, hospital cubicle curtains and tracks across the USA and Canada.

Cities we serve include Ottawa, Niagara Falls, Montreal, Philadelphia, North Bay, Winnipeg, Regina, Halifax, Red Deer, Edmonton, Calgary, Kelowna, Vancouver and all of Ontario.

Hotel curtains & drapery for all window applications

As your hospitality drapery manufacturer, CHM Inc offers a comprehensive array of drapery and shade solutions tailored to all the needs of new hotels and hotel renovations.

Window fashions for guest rooms, meeting rooms, lobbies and common areas where we deliver custom drapery options and solutions designed to complement your hotel's interior design and decor requirements.

Whether it's creating a serene atmosphere in guest rooms with blackout drapes or instilling a professional ambience in meeting rooms, we can cater to the drapery styles for all of your hotel spaces.

Hotel guest room with beds in front of blackout roller shade Toronto
Hotel lobby drapery and sheer
Hotel sunscreen roller shades on angled hotel atrium

We also provide drapery and and shade applications for common areas, including lobbies, lounges, and dining spaces, elevating the overall guest experience. In addition to drapery, we offer window shade solutions such as roller shades, roman shades and motorization, ensuring convenient light control and privacy.

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Our commitment to customization means that every fabric, color, pattern, and hardware option can be tailored to meet the unique design and branding preferences of each hotel.

Hotel guest room with beds in front of roller shades
Hotel drapery installed on corner window

All drapery and shade systems are available with blackout capability, sustainability-focused options and professional installation, ensuring your hotel property can provide a cohesive and appealing interior environment that always enhances guest comfort and satisfaction.

Hotel custom workroom service

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CHM Inc bring you the bottom line for your Toronto hotel drapery budget

Achieve the most savings without sacrificing high quality components and workmanship.

CHM Inc are also fabric converters supplying wholesalers across the USA. The same premium quality textile milling services are available directly to property owners, no matter how many properties you own or manage.

We custom mill all our own textiles and roller shade vinyl

Maximize all of your options. Our ability to mill all our own fabric, blackout, sunscreen and shade vinyl takes it all to the next level.

How do you plan for your hotel curtains & drapery?

There are many kinds of curtains used in hotels. Microfiber is one of the most popular materials used, meeting hotel FR standards. There has been a shift from blackout liners or blackout lined face fabric to using blackout roller shades for privacy full light control. We mill your shade vinyls and manufacture only using high quality, commercial rated components and we install all our products.

Many hotels are simply using blackout shades for privacy with a high quality sunscreen on the glass side for a clean, functional streamlined design.

Polyester fabrics are both used for sheer and printed for use with face fabric. This is most common in hotel applications.

Hotels utilize sheer curtains on guest room windows for several compelling reasons. Sheer curtains offer a delicate and elegant touch to the interior decor, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the room.

These semi-transparent fabrics diffuse natural light, creating a soft and inviting ambience that makes guests feel comfortable and relaxed. Sheer curtains also strike a balance between privacy and providing a connection with the outside world, allowing guests to enjoy views while maintaining a level of seclusion.

Sheer curtains allow the softer, natural light to penetrate the room while protecting fixtures, flooring and furniture by reducing glare, and protecting the room's interior from harsh sunlight.

3-pass blackout lining works very well when added to the back of a face fabric or used as a single, stand alone layer installed underneath a layer of sheer for budgeting purposes. window frames for total blackout on the sides.

CHM also mills double-sided blackout drapery textiles as a specialized fabric designed for window treatments that provide complete light-blocking properties on both sides of the fabric. Unlike standard blackout fabrics that are often coated on one side, double-sided blackout textiles are constructed to be light-absorbent from either side, making them highly effective in creating optimal light control and privacy in hotel guest rooms.

Alternatively, blackout roller shades will achieve the same effect. If required for full blackout, side rails may be added to the window frames for total blackout on the sides.

There are several elements used in achieving full blackout in hotel rooms. Accurate site measurements are where it all starts. Additional options include using double-sided blackout fabric, overlapping panels, using high quality hardware, adding valances or cornices and/or roller shades with side channels.

The industry standard is the Kirsch Architrac® Series 94003 commercial tracking system.

This style uses ball-bearing carriers, ball-bearing master carriers and wands. Sheer and/or drapery panels can totally be installed on friction slides for added savings.

Curtain panels fully overlap when closed for light control and privacy. Rods can all be mounted into ceilings or walls, depending on your window requirements.

We use the Kirsch style rods on most of our hotel curtain installations.

CHM Inc bring you the bottom line for your Toronto hotel drapery budget

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Textile weaving, milling & manufacturing

CHM Inc custom mill all textile products including blackout curtains, sheer, face goods and roller shade vinyls to the specifications for each application and property as required.

Our in-depth approach results in innovative fabric formations, enhancing all hotel window fashion products.

When partnering with CHM Inc, you are taking full control of cost, delivery and quality control for every aspect of your project.

Partner with us in Ontario

Our textile & vinyl milling process

The milling process for manufacturing drapery fabric is a complex and specialized procedure that transforms raw materials into the beautiful, functional and durable fabrics we use for both hospital cubicle curtains and hospitality drapery.

  1. Material Selection: CHM begins with the careful selection of the base fabric material. Common materials for drapery fabric include cotton, linen, polyester, silk, and blends of these fibres. The choice of material influences the texture, weight, and appearance of the final fabric.

  2. Pre-Treatment: Before milling, the fabric may go through pre-treatment processes. These processes can include washing, bleaching, or dyeing to achieve the desired color and finish. Pre-treatment ensures the fabric is clean and ready for milling.

  3. Milling or Weaving: The heart of the drapery fabric manufacturing process is the actual milling or weaving of the fabric. This step involves the interlacing of warp and weft yarns on a loom. The specific weaving pattern and equipment used will vary based on the desired fabric design and weight. The loom is programmed to create a uniform and tightly woven fabric.

  4. Design and Pattern Formation: During weaving, the design or pattern of the drapery fabric is created. This can include various motifs, stripes, checks, or any other desired pattern. Complex patterns may require specialized looms or jacquard weaving techniques.

  5. Finishing Treatments: After weaving, the fabric undergoes finishing treatments. These treatments can include processes like heat setting, calendaring, and chemical treatments to enhance the fabric’s appearance and performance. These treatments may affect aspects like the fabric’s lustre, texture, or wrinkle resistance.

  6. Sizing and Coating (Optional): In some cases, drapery fabric may undergo sizing or coating processes to add additional properties such as flame resistance, stain resistance, or extra texture. These treatments can enhance the fabric’s functionality and durability.

  7. Quality Control: This is a crucial step throughout the milling process. Inspection checks monitor the fabric for consistency, defects, and conformance to specifications. Any imperfections are addressed before the fabric advances to the final stages.

  8. Rolling and Cutting: Once the fabric meets CHM quality standards, it is rolled onto large spools or bolts and cut into specific lengths. This prepares the fabric for distribution to our contract fabric wholesalers or directly for use on your own hotel curtain and drapery project.

Products and Services in Toronto

  • Custom Textile Milling
  • Drapery, Sheer & Blackout
  • Cornices & Valances
  • Blinds & Shades
  • Shower Curtains
  • Drapery Hardware
  • Bedspreads, Duvets & Covers
  • Pillows & Pillow Covers
  • Decorative Pillows
  • Professional Installation

Dedicated to meeting your custom design requirements

CHM Inc is dedicated to meeting your custom design specs right from the initial textile milling, through the workroom fabrication to your final installation.

Achieve energy efficiency and sustainability fabricating products that not only look stunning but are also child-safe and fully compliant with industry regulations. Your hospitality window coverings will stand the test of time.

Contact the industry professionals who are dedicated to exceeding your expectations, enhancing your guests’ experience and ensuring they return time and time again. We’re not just another window fashions supplier; CHM Inc are your trusted partner in creating the perfect ambiance for your hotel.

Hotel blackout curtain and drape in guest room Toronto

Blackout Curtains

100% blackout or light-filtering solutions that meet your needs and your budget when milling your fabric as to your project specifications.

Give your guests full control over light when needing room darkening rest during their stay. All CHM blackout curtains are fire retardant, passing the NFPA 701 test requirements.

Hotel guest room with bed in front of white sheer curtains Toronto


Sheer enhances the overall aesthetics and ambience of your guest rooms and common areas, contributing to the desired interior design and style you are looking for.

Our sheer allows natural light to filter through while maintaining privacy, diffusing the light to create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Our sheer products are durable, serviceable and long-lasting for all hospitality applications

Hotel guest room with beds in front of blackout roller shade Toronto

Roller Shade Blackout

The process of milling and producing roller shade blackout fabric involves several steps when creating blackout shade vinyls.

During weaving, a dense fabric is created, preventing light penetration. The fabric is dyed with dark colors to maximize light control and then undergoes additional finishing treatments for weight, heat resistance, and flame retardancy.

Roller shade blackout fabric production is a highly controlled process designed to provide optimal light control, privacy, and durability.

Hotel guest room with bed in front of roller shade sunscreen Toronto

Roller Shade Sunscreen

Milling and producing roller shade sunscreen fabric utilizes selection of materials like polyester and PVC-coated fiberglass.

Sunscreen is woven to specific openness, allowing light to pass through while blocking UV rays.

For example, a rating of 1 will block the most light and provide privacy similar to blackout screens, whereas a rating of 3 will block slightly less, while an openness rating of 5 will allow even more visibility.

Materials are then dyed or printed, treated for UV protection, and rigorously quality-checked.

Final finishing treatments are performed to enhance performance and durability.

Hospitality contract drapery installers

Hotel drapery and curtain installer working on window Toronto

Our installers serving Toronto are dedicated professionals

Commercial curtain, drapery and shade installers are often underrated. Our installers are a valued and respected part of our company.

Precise site measurements is where it all begins. The installer measuring your property will perform your final installation. The quality and standard of excellence is set when custom fitting your finished products in all your guest rooms.

Your hotel drapery, curtains, and shades fit perfectly and will perform as expected through to your next renovation.

CHM Inc processes for commercial drapery, curtains and shades, ensure they function as intended and add to the aesthetic appeal of your hotel.


Our Toronto installation crews are dedicated installers of commercial, hospitality contract drapery, working new hotel builds and renovations. They are professional in demeanour and courteous with both hotel staff and guests when working occupied properties.

Open and clear communication is essential on site where installers keep us informed of progress, addressing any issues or concerns that arise during installation. There are always solutions.


Commercial installers are experienced in all aspects of commercial window covering installation and applications. Precise measurements and attention to detail ensure that the window coverings are properly fitted, secured and functional when delivered and installed.


Work areas are kept clean and organized where collecting and disposing of packaging is part of the daily processes. Set up of floors are done respectfully, working around and with other trades.


Installation on hotel projects are completed on schedule by working in harmony with other trades. We are all achieving your common goal together, turning your floors and project back on time.

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We don’t raise the bar for hotel curtains

We set the bar

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    Building long-lasting, trustworthy relationships.
  • On-time Delivery
    High quality products, delivered on schedule.
  • Premium Installation Services
    Perfect, professional on-time installations.

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